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BIPV Curtain Wall

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is a technology that integrates thin-film power generation products onto buildings. BIPV thin-film solar power systems, which are designed, constructed and installed at the same time as the construction work, become harmonious with the buildings. It is also called a "construction type" and "building material type" thin-film solar power generation building.The increasing demands for a comfortable environment have caused larger energy consumption from heating and air conditioning of the buildings and triggered a public call for carbon reduction. 

As a part of the external structure of a building, it not only has power generation function, energy conservation and consumption reduction, but also can enhance the beauty of the building. Thin-film Solar Technology features a series of advantages such as high conversion efficiency, good weak light performance, light and thin, well-curved performance and various colors. It can provide more space for building design to be well integrated with buildings. Currently, Hanergy Mobile Energy has become a BIPV solution provider integrating design, R&D, production, integration, construction and operation and maintenance.