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Industrial Solar Rooftop

A commercial solar roof refers to the use of an idle factory roof installation for a PV power generation system for use, while providing surplus energy for additional household income. It will not only reduce fossil energy consumption while cutting emissions, but also make full use of idle resources and bring economic benefits to the factory. Hanergy actively responds to the country's policy on distributed power generation and makes full use of its strong brand influence,decentralized investment and trading platform to provide business owners with comprehensive one-stop green energy solutions including funding, energy consulting, product supply, system design, installation, operation and maintenance and after-sale service, bringing economic and environmental benefits for all.

In the modern world, people seek high standard indoor environments, leading to increasing energy consumption through building heating and air-conditioning; accordingly a stronger voice for environmental protection arises. Hanergy's thin-film solar technology has many advantages such as a high conversion rate, good performance under low light, being lightweight, flexibility and diverse colors. It brings more options to architectural design, and solar modules can form a perfect unity with the building. At present, Hanergy has become a BIPV solution provider integrating design, R&D, production, integration, construction and operation and maintenance.