Hanergy Technology

Ding JianDoctor

Senior VP of Hanergy Thin-film Power Group and CEO of Alta Devices
Ph.D., Materials science and engineering, University of California, Berkeley.
Over 30 years in semiconductor equipment & process technology and advanced solar technology.

Atiye Bayman Doctor

CTO of MiaSolé
Ph.D., Solid-state physics, University of California, Santa Clara.
Over 30 years in fields of semiconductor and advanced solar technology.

Lars StoltDoctor

The founder and CTO of Solibro.
Over 30 years in advanced CIGS thin-film solar technology.
Repeatedly broke the world record for CIGS cells efficiency.

Li YuanminDoctor

Ph.D., Applied physics, Harvard University.
Over 30 years in advanced thin-film solar technology.

Xu XixiangDoctor

Ph.D., Materials science, Kanazawa University.
Over 30 years in fields of silicon-based thin-film solar cells technology and so on.

Scott WiedemanDoctor

Chief Scientist of Global Solar Energy
Ph. D, electrical engineering, university of Delaware, Newark
About 30 years in fields of advanced thin-film solar technology