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Solar Backpack

An integration of classic shape and high-end technology makes indoor/outdoor life easier by giving you worry-free power supply! 

Power Generation in low Light Charge and use at any time

You doesn't need to charge in advance.You can charge and use at any time.
You no longer have to worry about power shortage.
Strong weak light power generation can also continue to power your charger.

Virtuoso craftsmanship, highly durable

A thin-film cell that lasts 25 years and is 1 mm thin means no extra burden for you. 
It has flexible package and is waterproof, wear-resistant and shock-resistant.

No trip but souls apart

With a sleek, contoured design and a selection of textured fabrics, the combination of exquisite craftsmanship and ergonomics gives you a comfortable travel experience.

Safe and Reliable Widely Compatible

Unlike power bank, the 8W solar computer bag is safer.
It is in line with aviation management standards and can safely be brought on a plane.
It supports IPhone, Android phones, tablet computers and other electronic devices to supplement the charge, and can also charge power bank to save electricity.

Respond Calmly to the Limits of Temperature

It can maintain a stable power generation between temperatures of -20℃ to 50℃in all temperature conditions , easily meeting the challenges of the journey.