Products & Projects

Solar Backpack

An integration of classic shape and high-end technology makes indoor/outdoor life easier by giving you worry-free power supply! 

Thin-film technology: destined to be first-rate

The design—MiaSolé thin-film cells that are embedded seemlessly with the backpack; hidden dual USB ports—enables solar charging anytime anywhere and thus a brand new high-tech experience. 

Virtuoso craftsmanship, highly durable

A thin-film cell that lasts 25 years and is 1 mm thin means no extra burden for you. 
It has flexible package and is waterproof, wear-resistant and shock-resistant

Simple Three-dimensional Utility Model

It can suit both business and travel.
It can be used in many different occasions. It has large capacity and realizes user-friendly partition.

Focus on Details Delicate and Gentle

The ergonomically designed decompression system allows you to feel heavy when walking for a long time.
External headphone holes, cell phone sucker, USB external charging interface, handle decompression etc., all of these are more convenient for you.

A well-designed space for your small world

The dual layers make it easy to sort out your laptop and other necessities; the shock absorber design makes it adaptable to office and commercial occasions.