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Solar Paper Charger

It can travel lightly with you, and can be curled without zero burden, and be more convenient.

It is a must-have for standby power for outdoor activities.

Thin-film Technology Powers Future

A piece of paper brings you zero distance to solar technology. The product uses high-end CIGS flexible thin-film power generation technology developed by Hanergy’s American subsidiary MiaSolé, the conversion efficiency of which at the R&D stage reached 19.5% and that at the production stage 17.3%. 

Power Generation in low Light for Continuous Power Supply

Stable power generation performance under low light,  extending the charging period.. You no longer have to worry about power shortage . Moreover, the product doesn't suffer light-induced degradation.( SWE: Staebler-Wronski Effect)

Break Through the Limits of Temperature and Embrace Challenges

Stable power generation at temperatures between -20℃ and 50℃ and in all climates. A solid addition to all splendid outdoor moments.

Ensuring Safety and Widely Compatible

Different from a power bank, the 8W solar paper charger is much safer. It conforms to aviation management standards and can be brought on a plane. It can charge electronic equipment such as an iPhone, Android phones and tablet PCs, as well as power banks for electricity storage.