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One Hantile, One Green Tree Speech at the 2018 Hantile New Product Release Conference Li Hejun



Release Time:2018-04-15

Dear guests, colleagues and friends from the media,

Good evening!

I would like to extend my warm welcome and appreciation for you to be present at the Hantile new product release conference.

On July 29 of the last year, Hanergy released the disruptive and innovative product ‘Hanergy Hantile’ at China National Convention Center. As the founder and the Chief Product Officer of Hanergy, I was supposed to be the most suitable person to launch the new product and thus colleagues all wanted me to introduce the new product here. As a matter of fact, Hanergy and I have been attaching great importance to the research and development of such application product. 



My colleagues all gave high remarks on my last year’s introduction of Hantile, and what’s more, Hantile was sold out after my introduction. In view of this, my colleagues all ask me to engage in the old task of introducing the new product at this year’s Conference.

The theme of my last year’s speech was “One Tile, One Tree”. I like it because it is simple, concise and vividly, and it also clearly express the Characteristics of Hantile and the pursuit of Hanergy people. Thus, I would like to lend it for the theme of this speech, only that I will make a tiny modification: “One Hantile, One Green Tree”. By this, I hope we can pay special attention to “Hantile” and “green tree”, for the utilization of every Hantile is equivalent to the planting of one more tree on the earth. We hope Hantile can be used all over the world, for in this case, we sincerely believe that there will be no haze, and we will live a better life in picturesque world with a green hills and limpid waters everywhere. This is the goal that I and Hanergy have been striving unswervingly to attain.

Friends who are present at last year’s conference may still remember that I have said four disruptions attained by Hantile. Today I still want to emphasize the disruption-ability of Hantile: It disrupts the thousands of years of traditional concept of tile and its features; it disrupts the reliance of buildings on traditional fossil-produced electrical energy; it perfectly combines solar energy and buildings, and it turns each building into a zero-energy-consumption power plant, which can constantly produce the asset of green energy. This is a revolutionary qualitative transformation never witnessed in history.

I believe that all of you will wonder about its market response. I can tell with a few words: excellent and over-demanded. Clients have to reserve in advance.

Let’s listen to the first group of clients’ remarks on Hantile: 

The key for Hanergy to survive and prosper is to focus on our customers, and always provide them with the best product, best service and best experience. However, Hanergy staffs have never been satisfied with the last year’s achievements of Hantile and been always trying to do more for clients. Therefore, during the past 9 months since the last year’s Conference, Hanergy staffs have been striving to keep on innovation to develop innovative products. And I will share these products later at this Conference.

Why are we so surprisingly innovative?

I believe what comes first is the concentration made by Hanergy. We have been concentrating on clean energy last for more than 20 years. The history for the development of Hanergy may be abbreviated into two “8 years”: during the first 8 years, we invested more than RMB 20 billion to laboriously build the largest private-owned hydropower station around the world---Jin'anqiao Hydropower Station ---on the plateau with an altitude of 2000 m. The total installed capacity of this Station is 3 million KW, 10% more than that of Gezhouba Dam Hydropower Station, and its annual power generation is up to 13 billion KWh. During the second 8 years, we invested more than 10 billion USD to merged 4 companies with leading technologies globally, and Hanergy has developed into the uncontroversial leader of thin-film solar power generation. Hanergy is creating a new industry, mobile energy, with thin-film solar.

What comes secondly is the fact that Hanergy keeps technology first. I am very proud here to tell you that Hanergy leads the industry not only in terms of its scale, but, more importantly, of technology. Hanergy’s thin film solar energy technology has always been in the lead globally, and going ahead at least 5 to 10 years.

Last years, we have made three new world records in the field of thin-film solar energy research and development and the related mass production conversion rate: the mass production conversion efficiency of gallium arsenide single-junction module is now up to 25.1%; the full-area conversion efficiency of copper indium gallium selenide glass-substrated module is now up to 18.72%; the conversion efficiency of flexible sputtering technique champion module is now up to 17.44%. These are world records certified by authentic international certification organs. By now, Hanergy owns more than 2300 patents globally, among which over 50% are patents for invention.

What comes thirdly is our capability of equipment manufacturing and delivering. As is known to all, the State has demarcated 7 major strategic emerging industries for special support. Hanergy is related 6 of the 7, and the High-end equipment manufacturing is the one of the 6. Hanergy enjoys a full industry chain research and development and manufacturing capacity. In 2017, high-end equipment made by Hanergy are sold well.

The last but not the least is the fact that Hanergy is capable of focusing on application products. Perfecting products is our pursue. We have established global R&D headquarters, to research and develop core products at four centers: Beijing, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley of the US and Germany. Hanergy has currently been focusing on the research and development of 5 categories of products, which cover 12 core products in total. And on this basis, we develop our hit products.

So, what is the hit product in our view? We believe that a hit product shall be popular globally. Hantile is a hit product that leads the fashion and tide globally. 

We are convinced that Hantile is a hit product in that Hantile can bring clients distinctive values. Please allow me to introduce such values brought about by Hantile:

The first value of Hantile is its practical value. Hantile is good to use, for it inherits all features of a traditional tile, which can compete with traditional tiles in terms of material, shape, and integrity. And it is superior to traditional tiles in terms of safety, waterproofness, service life, etc.

The second value of Hantile is its investment value. Hantile can produce electricity besides the attributes of traditional tiles. With Hantile, each roof is turned into small-size power station. Hantile can function so long as the ordinary houses and buildings are under service. Hantile can promise to maintain an attenuation rate no higher than 20% within 25 years. The quality of Hantile is insured by PICC, with a lifetime warranty.

Therefore, within a few decades, the Hantile will continue to generate electricity for its own use. If any surplus, it also can be sold to the country. This is exactly what I proposed – self-generation for own use, surplus for the grid, which has been written into national development guidance documents.

Hantile is as well as an intelligent tile. Hanergy has developed a set of house-use electricity-producing equipment big data monitoring software system for terminal clients and dealers. By downloading an App and installing it in your cell phone, you can know the information about the electricity-producing equipment at any time and place. This system will be further connected to Intelligent Micronet, Big Data, Cloud Computing, to realize a real-time energy transmission and sharing. After forming a smart micro-grid based on the big data, your home can truly realize “energy independence” from the main power grid and surplus electricity can be sold to your neighbors.

Take Beijing as an example. For a residence house of 100 m2 with standardized Hantile whose installed capacity is 8.5 KW, electricity produced during 30 years will be 306 thousand KWh, which means an income of about 266 thousands yuan, 2 times of the original investment. If we compare this with the same amount of money deposited with the 1-year deposit rate of 1.5% in 2018, the income of the former is about 3.2 times of the deposit interest. If the roof with Hantile is a commercial building roof, the income is about 6.4 times of the interest. Therefore, you can think Hantile as an energy asset of a household. Even if you consider the Hantile installed as a financing product, its annualized return can achieve 11%.

If we calculate comprehensively the income from power generation, material saving, energy saving, etc., the investment cost can be recovered in 7-8 years. So you can consider the Hantile installed as a family’s energy assets.

The third value of Hantile is its social value. For a house installed 100 m2 of Hantiles, power produced is equivalent to that made by 123 tons of coal, which means that by not burning such coal, this house help to reduce the emission of 322 tons of carbon dioxide, of 1045 kg of sulfur dioxide, of 910 kg of nitrogen oxide, which is also equivalent to planting 340 green trees. 

In this case, you use Hantile means you give yourself and your children a future with blue sky, and you accumulate virtues that benefit not only yourself but others as well.

The fourth value of Hantile is its cultural value. We generalize this value in this: Inheriting and Innovative! We believe that Hantile not only inherits traditional building culture, but innovates this culture as well.The appearance and shape of Hantile bespeaks the gist of traditional Chinese building culture with its beauty of curved-shape. Today we witness the fast development of modern building civilization; we need not only inherit traditional civilization, but made new civilization, and perfectly combine both civilizations. I suppose all present are familiar with this painting on the screen: Reverside Scene at Qingming Festival. Some may notice that we have replaced all tiles with Hantile. Very perfect!

Besides the above mentioned unique values of Hantile, it looks pretty. The shape and appearance of Hantile demonstrates its unique attractiveness. The crystal glass tiles make the roof prettier. If you want a pretty house, please use Hantile.

Therefore, for individuals, by using Hantile, you save the money of buying traditional tiles and the electricity fee. Besides you can make money by selling power to the grid. Your house looks pretty, and you feel gaining face. More importantly, you are making your own contribution to environmental protection. All in all, it is very meaningful and valuable!

Hantile may look simple, it is in fact highly technological. What is worthy of special mention is that Hantile is currently with 364 patents globally. One more time, 364 patents!

Hanergy made the first national curved shape solar tile enterprise standard, and is the compiling unit for Assessment Label on Green Building Materials (Industry standards) made by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Hantile has now been a standardized product promoted by the state, and has been awarded a certificate for “Green Building Energy-Saving Recommend Product” and a certificate for “Project Building Recommend Product”. Hanergy has passed various authentic certifications in major countries and regions. 

Today, we are launching new products of Hantile after nine months. What surprise can Hantile bring us this time? I will introduce some key new products to you.

The first new product to be released today: Single-Glass Three-Curve Hantile. In comparison with Double-Glass Hantile released last year, one piece of glass is reduced to make it lighter and thinner. A piece of Single-Glass Hantile is with the weight of only 5.2 kg, half the previous and with the thickness of 6.5mm, 1.2 mm thinner than iPhone X. Even though, its features never reduce. What’s more, some features are more advantageous.

This is the first single-glass curved-shape thin film solar tile in the world, which disrupts existing technologies and techniques. This tile can function normally under a humidity of 85%, a range of temperature from -40 to 85 ℃, which means that the tile can function normally, whether in winter or summer, or in coastal area. To guarantee this normal functioning, the R&D staff have overcome hundreds of technological obstacles.

Single-Glass Three-Curve Hantile uses ultra-clear tempered glass to guarantee a 91.5% of light transmittance. It is firm and tenacious, and is with the highest level of impact durability and hail resistance ability. I believe that you have experienced the load-bearing capacity of Hantile when entering the Conference hall. Let’s enjoy a video.

Single-Glass Three-Curve Hantile can be widely used in various roofs. It is light, which means the transportation cost can be reduced, and the installation cost can be hugely reduced, and it is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly.

The Single-Glass Hantile is easy to install. The C-type clip guarantees a highly efficient installation. Though the tile is light, its wind-resistant feature never reduces. In order to make it up to the wind-resistant feature, we introduce a 3-point fixing structure to make it capable of bearing a maximum pulling force of 90 kg, of withstanding a Grade 12 typhoon.

And now? Does it disrupt what is originally in your mind?

At the same time, in order to inherit the concise and distinct cultural flavor of classic building of thousands of years, we also developed thin film semicircle-shaped solar tile of different sizes. This design is with classic flavor that gives the roof clear levels, bespeaking a beauty of classic art. This is perfectly as traditional Chinese tiles, and can be used for various buildings of Chinese style, Korean style, and ancient style and mimic-ancient style.

The next product, I believe, will further make your eyes daze. This is the color Hantile, full of traditional colored glaze flavor and style.

You may be familiar with the glazed tile. It is firm and colorful, smooth and lustrous; it is the favored product in the ceramic building materials for centuries; it bears so many memories in the eyes of Chinese. It is recorded that glazed tile appeared as early as the spring and autumn period, and was widely used in the Yuan Dynasty, and became a symptom of luxury from then on. Western glazed tile was developed from glazed tile in China, and was used in some countries such as Japan, Spain and Italy. However, the use of glazed tile has been on the decline, especially recently. It can never reappear its past honor.

Ancient time has its glass, we now have Hantile. The Color Hantile developed by Hanergy completely inherits the colorful and lustrous features of glazed tile, and can be called as “electricity-producing glazed tile”. Under different lights, Color Hantile presents different dazzling colors, just like a rainbow. It perfectly combines tradition with fashion. I believe the dazzling, cool and fashionable Hantile will make your house distinct, make your life colorful.

The ultimate goal for the new series of Hantiles is to change the roof globally. The Hantile series can meet demands of different clients, and can be used for buildings of different styles, so can be used for mainstream residence building styles in various countries. All in all, use Hantile if you want your house beautiful.

Since Hantile is with so many advantages, you will wonder about its price. Last year, we released that the price for standardized Hantile is RMB 1390 per m2. This price remains unchanged and is our guided terminal price for spot system products. As is known that Hantile is highly demanded, but we as producers have to accept reservation. Today, I will solemnly release a pre-sell price: In order to deliver our gratitude for your recognition of Hantile, to reward clients that love Hantile, we have set a price for reservation clients: if you pay full price in advance, the guided terminal system price is RMB 1088 per m2. It means you will have Hantile mounted to your house with only RMB 1088! This is a price to the bottom ground. Let’s make a comparison: Good quality glazed tile sells RMB 1000 per m2. Hantile is not only more durable, but capable of producing electricity for decades. What a good bargain! This is the biggest value Hantile can provide to its clients.

At the same time, I also have to tell agents and dealers of Hantile that shall an order for Hantile is less than RMB 0.1 billion, we will not receive the order. Sorry, for we are under huge pressure to produce, for this is really a hot product, and we must prioritize the needs of large customers. We do beg your understanding. We will meet everyone's needs once the production capacity is improved. 

And what is the scale of the potential market for Hantile? I have said last year that I would certainly be RMB thousands of billion. It is according to the prediction of an authentic third-party consultancy that in the future 5 years, namely 2018 to 2022, the market scale for Hantile will be up to RMB 6300 billion in China alone. As to the global market, that will be at least twice of Chin.a This means that the scale in the future five years will be above RMB 12600 billion.

Why do I have so much confidence in this market? Because I believe in the power of "pursuing excellence". With utmost simplicity, excellence, extreme affection, the most powerful force will be shown.

As is known to all that Hanergy has been focusing on doing one thing for ten years, and this thing is using thin film solar energy technology to change the world. A great enterprise is not to satisfy market but to create market! What Hanergy holds most proud: Hanergy creates an industry, namely, the industry of thin film solar energy and mobile energy. By using thin-film solar energy technology to change the world, Hanergy takes it not as a slogan but as a mission and a faith. Those that are unfamiliar with Hanergy may think it laughable, but we Hanergy staff believe it, from the very innermost of our hearts. This is also an act! Hantile is one of the acts made by Hanergy to change the world.

The future is clear enough! I often say, we often overestimate the changes in 1 to 2 years, but underestimate changes in 5 to 10 years. Changes in 1 to 2 years often disappoint us, but those in 5 to 10 years surprise us! I do believe that in 5 years, in 10 years, the industry of thin film solar energy and mobile energy will go beyond the imagination of all! I do hope all present, do hope all friends that care about and support Hanergy, will work together with Hanergy to use thin film solar energy technology to change the world! Change the world bricks by bricks Hantiles by Hantiles.

I believe that you must be eager to have a look at the new series of Hantiles. You will see them soon!

One Hantile, One Green Tree!

Thank You!