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Twenty-third Century Solutions Executive Director Douglas Ramaphosa Visits Hanergy



Release Time:2018-12-01

Douglas Ramaphosa, Executive Director of Twenty-third Century Solutions (TTCS), the Pan-African business solutions provider operating in 10 African countries on Nov 12 visited Hanergy headquarters along with other representatives from TTCS and Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to discuss the possibilities of a potential cooperation with the world’s largest thin-film power solution company.


As part of their visit to Hanergy headquarters in Beijing, Mr. Douglas Ramaphosa besides the other representatives of both the companies were taken to the solar company’s exhibition center showcasing Hanergy’s 29-year history of changing world with renewable energy and cutting-edge thin film solar technology. The guests showed keen interest in mobile solar products like Humbrella, solar tile and solar curtain wall and said the products have huge market potential.


Ms. Tshikani Collen Makhubele, CEO of TTCS said, “We have very strong sunlight in South Africa. Therefore, Humbrella is a marvelous product for South African consumers. If you’ve got a Humbrella, during the day, you are actually protecting yourself from the sun while Humbrella is generating the energy. The generated energy can be used for lighting, charging the appliances and other power-related requirements.”


She adds, “We still have a lot of places in Africa which are dark in terms of electrification, with mobile solar products like Humbrella which are easy to deploy, everybody can enjoy good amount of light and be educated. Humbrella has a huge potential in South African market and its utility can change the destiny of a nation.”


Lv Yuan, vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, had a meeting with TTCS and IDC representatives to discuss the details of possible cooperation. During the meeting, Ms. Tshikani Collen Makhubele said, “I think the cooperation with Hanergy over production and manufacturing can address challenges like job creation, imparting skills, and educating people on the new technologies. However, in order to have a full around impact, we have to look into the production and distribution aspect of it.”


Further reinforcing her statement, Douglas Ramaphosa said, “I’m very impressed by Hanergy’s technologies and products. We look forward to our collaboration with Hanergy.”


The guests from South Africa agreed that the market potential for thin film solar technology is great with diverse application in residential market, goverment projects and property development. They were excited about Hanergy’s line of products equipped with this technology.


Amongst the representatives of the two visiting organizations were: Mr. Douglas Ramaphosa, Executive director of TTCS; Mr. Ofentse Moalusi, General Manager of TTCS; Ms. Tshikani Collen Makhubele, CEO of TTCS; Abraham Christoffel Fourie, Head of New Industry of IDC; and Mr. Asogan Moodaly, Project Manager of IDC.


Founded in 2013, the South African company, Twenty Third Century Solutions is a subsidiary of Mzumbe Oil, which is majorly owned by a black woman. Based in Johannesburg, the company was established to focus on the South African and the rest of SADC markets. TTCS’ business covers areas comprising commercial property, power and investment and has partnered with one of the biggest companies in their sectors like; Shell, Total and Eskom.


Established in 1940, the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) is a self-financing national development finance institution whose primary objectives are to contribute to the generation of balanced, sustainable economic growth in Africa and to the economic empowerment of South Africans, thereby promoting the economic prosperity of all citizens.