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Top photographers turn lens on firm’s Clean-energy Drive



Release Time:2018-05-07


A dramatic view of Hanergy’s mobile energy base in Heyuan.  LIU YUNZE / FOR CHINA DAILY

By Yuan shenggao

The Hanergy Sunshine International Photography Initiative — co-sponsored by Hanergy Thin Film Power Group and China Daily — aims to showcase the clean-energy company’s cutting-edge technologies, as well as its efforts to create a better life through the lenses of photographers from around the globe. 

Photographers from the China Photographers Association and the National Geographic Magazine journeyed to a number of locations across China, to witness the changes brought about by the Hanergy Hantile.

Hanergy’s Hantile is a thin-film solar rooftop high-efficiency power generator that its manufacturer says can fully replace the traditional housing roof tile.

The company manufactures solutions in hydro-power, wind-power, and solar power. 

Since 2009 it has focused on thin-film solar power research and development —and is launching innovative solar products including solar roof tiles, foldable solar paper and solar backpacks.

As those photos showcase, Hanergy’s Hantiles have been widely used in many regions such as Lijiang city in southwestern Yunnan, Changde city and Anhua county in Central China’s Hunan province, and Qixin Hope Primary School in Yangpotou, Xunyi county, Xianyang city, located in the northwestern of Shaanxi. 

Hanergy released its innovative Hanergy Hantile last July.

Nine months later, the company launched the second generation of its flagship Hantile product in Beijing on April 15. 

Hantiles — which have turned the traditional concept of tiles on their head — combine the functions of supplying solar energy and providing roofs for buildings. 

They transform each building into a zero-energy consumption power plant, producing green energy. Hantiles can not only provide clients with practical power, they also have cultural and social value. 

For a house installed with 100 square meters of Hantiles, the power produced is equivalent to that made by 123 tons of coal over 30 years.  

By not burning coal, the house helps avoid emissions totalling 322 tons of carbon dioxide, 1,045 kilograms of sulfur dioxide — and 910 kg of nitrogen oxide, which is also equivalent to planting 340 green trees.

The photographers involved in the initiative also visited the Jin’anqiao Hydropower Station, as well as Hanergy’s R&D and manufacturing base in the district of Shuangliu in the southwestern city of Chengdu, and a company using Hanergy’s solar power technologies in the city of Heyuan in the southern province of Guangdon. 

The photographers also went to the port of Wusongkou in Shanghai, to view how Hanergy’s solar power technologies are helping upgrade the facility. They visited Lingshui county in the southern province of Hainan, to see the role photovoltaic solar panels have played in the alleviation of poverty. 

To meet the increasingly demand of electricity for teaching, Hanergy has donated its Hantiles products and installed them on the building roof of Qixin Hope Primary School in Shaaxi. 

“As a clean power company, we has the responsibly to help resolve the electricity problems of schools and pass on the green concept to our next generation,” the company said.


An automatic production line at Hanergy’s mobile energy base in Heyuan, in southern Guangdong province.  LIU YUNZE / FOR CHINA DAILY


A worker checks product quality at the R&D and manufacturing base in Shuangliu, in the southwestern province of Sichuan.  HUANG YIMING / CHINA DAILY


Hanergy’s Hantiles are seen in Lijiang, in Southwest China’s Yunnan province.  YUAN ZHIZHU / FOR CHINA DAILY


Hantiles are installed at Qixin Hope Primary School in Yangpotou, Xunyi county, Xianyang city, in northwestern Shaanxi province.  YUAN ZHIZHU / FOR CHINA DAILY


Two students at Qixin Hope Primary School in Shaanxi province examine one of the technology company’s Hantiles with fascination .  YUAN ZHIZHU / CHINA DAILY


Workers install Hanergy Hantiles on the roof of school buildings at Qixin Hope Primary School. WANG YI / FOR CHINA DAILY


Solar panels cover roofs in Changpili village, Longguang town, Lingshui county, in southern Hainan province. HUANG YIMING / CHINA DAILY